HAYFEVER2021 1Let's use Burien Town Square Park more often


On the evening of August 20, 2021, BAT brought Hay Fever to Town Square Park. Hay Fever is the second play BAT produced at that park. Here are a few photos of the event.

Why, during the Summer months, is this park not used for more cultural events? It is an excellent location for plays, small music events, and so much more. I can see more theater, chamber music, brass quintets, folk music, small bands, and so much more.

HAYFEVER2021 2Burien needs a live theater space when the rain comes, but Burien Town Square Park should be packed with cultural events during the dry months. Why is such a lovely venue going empty?

Some will say, “But what about all the “problems” there?” Just like the last time we produced a play at Town Square Park, BAT and its audience had no issues whatsoever. Only BAT’s audience was there. It is clear that if there were many cultural events going on in Town Square Park, the negative issues people raise about Town Square Park would be non-existent.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, and Burien City Council, why is Town Square Park not being used for art and cultural events on a more frequent basis?HAYFEVER2021 3HAYFEVER2021 4

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It has been an "interesting" eighteen months here at BAT. There is an understatement.

During the pandemic, the Burien City Council voted to spend $620,000.00 to tear down BAT's home in a four to three vote, even though they had no plans about what to do with the property once BAT's home was gone. The Council members opposed to destroying BAT's home were Pedro Olguin, Nancy Tosta, and Kevin Schilling.

Even as BAT fought on to keep its home, the pandemic hit BAT's on-stage shows. During BAT's The Rocky Horror Show production, the Governor limited seating in live theaters to 50%. Out of our safety concerns for the cast, crew, and audience, we decided to close Rocky early. We closed mid-run after the Sunday matinee. That Monday, the Governor closed down all live theaters. So Rocky was BAT's last show in its old home.

Seeing that we could not be on stage and expecting the pandemic to go on for a while, in May of 2020, BAT turned to the internet. We had heard about a thing called Zoom. We were told it was better than most anything else out there for online meetings. So we decided to perform shows on Zoom.

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Happy Birthday!


BAT just turned 41 years old. As we look ahead to our mid-life crisis, it was time to go back to the basics.

BAT’s amazing Board of Trustees joined together to revamp our Mission, Vision, and Value statements. That may sound easy, but it is a lot of work. After input from the public in January, help from a consultant, and 14 drafts, BAT’s new guiding principles were recently adopted.

These tell the world who BAT is, where we hope to go, and what guides us on that journey. Wherever BAT finds a new home, we will bring this energy with us to make that home an extraordinary place for all.BAT logo new

We are very pleased to share our Mission, Vision, and Values with you!



We welcome and embrace our shared humanity through live theater. We question norms and thrive because of our diversity and energetic commitment to excellence.


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BATLandAcknowledge 2021 2


Burien Actors Theatre’s Mission

BAT brings together a diverse group of people to share a common experience to build community and sustainable economic growth.

BAT is committed to treating audiences to productions of the highest artistic integrity that excite, engage, and involve both the local and the expanding theatrical communities in the Puget Sound region. See outstanding performances rivaling any live theatre in the Seattle area.  Musicals, drama, and comedy presentations by excellent local performers, directors, and playwrights.

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Seeking Latinx and white actors for moving and funny drama A Good Farmer at Burien Actors Theatre

Burien Actors Theatre (BAT) is seeking Latinx and white actors to play characters aged 30s through 50s in  a drama laced with humor written by Sharyn Rothstein.  GoodFarmer 1stArt 

Synopsis:  A Good Farmer is the story of two women – Bonnie, a farm owner, and Carla, her unlikely best friend, an undocumented Mexican immigrant – fighting to survive in a small New York town divided by America’s immigration battle. Rothstein brings us the very human story behind some of today’s contentious political issues in a play about love, friendship and finding the power to face what separates us. (Act 2 takes place seven years before Acts 1 and 3.)

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