Did You Know?   Tickets sales usually only cover 40% or less of the cost of running a theater.

Without you, there is no theater! You make theater possible!  Today, help make better live theater happen by donating as little as $5.00 or $200,000.00 or more! It's all up to you. The amountmoney 1 is not important but giving is. Become a supporter today!

BAT is a not-for-profit (IRS 501(c) (3)) entity, staffed by volunteers.  One hundred percent (100%) of your tax-deductible contribution goes toward the production of better live theater, BAT's day-to-day overhead (rent, utilities, office supplies, and the like) and capital improvements!

BAT depends upon you to survive; we need cash, in-kind donations, and volunteers. BAT has been making better live theater since 1980, and its roots reach back to the first live theater in Burien in 1955.


Mail your donations to:


P.O. Box 48121

Burien, WA 98148

Or, Donate online at BAT's secure website: Donate Today!

You can also donate through the Network for Good - HERE.

Or donate online when you buy a ticket! 


BAT Theatre's supporters for its 2021-22 season include:

ARCHANGELS: $10,000 or more



ANGELS: $5,000 to $9,999

Aya & Randy Clark

BENEFACTORS: $2,000.00 to $4,999

Lolly Bates

BJ Kuula

Gary Long

Lance Bowman & Kat McNeill

Sally Nelson


THESPIANS: $1,000 to $1,999

Scott Andrews

Chris Bailey

Scott Wilson & Sherry Brandt

George Counts, Sr.

George "Boomer" Counts

Elect John White

David Gould

Duane Kelly

David Lipps

Dean Orrico

Pass-the-Hat - Summer show - Hay Fever



PATRONS: $500 to $999

Marlene Allbright

Emily Austin

Martin Barrett

Cyndi Baumgardner 

Raymond Bishop

Leslie Newman & Lisa Jo Chard

Robyn Desimone

Vinnie & Jan Di Fabio

Rita Dixson

Mark Dorsey

Peter Draughon

Karen & Blair DuBois

David Feinberg

Patty Gifford

John Hendow

Betty Holland

Sabrina Mandich

Marlaina's Mediterranean Kitchen

Amber Nichol

Ronda & Terry O'Brien

Carrie Schnelker

Salmon Bay Events

Ted & Gwynne Taylor

Gabriel Grant and Sarah Townsend-Grant

Zach Hoppenrath

Danny House

Ian Johnson

Daniel Keane

Jim & Sandra Locklear

Jimmy Matta

David Meinert

Joel Millar

Jean Oplinger

Jessica Parks

Elaine Puderbaugh

Scott & Theresa Schaefer - B-Town Blog/South King Media

Christopher Schenck

Frances Schopick

Zak Shay

Toby & Amanda Skey

Neil Soman

Michael Steiner

Robin Tomazic

Nancy Tosta

Kip Walton

Laren & Ted Watson


Bruce Davidson

Mary Hinely

Judy & Jack Macias



Amazon Smile (from your shopping at Amazon)

Jayne De Haan

Sybil DeRoux

Diane Gaskill

Shelley Hall

John & Eileen Gray

Charlene and Philip Gearhart

John Madura

Ronnie McGaha

Laurel Mercury

Pat Perry

Anne Slater

Kirk Stallman

Nancy Taylor



Maria Bangs

Julia Buck

Benita Buchanan

Nancy Colson

Liz Giba-Knowles

Bob Glatt

Carleen Kiel

Kroger - (turn your shopping at Fred Myer into a donation)

Robert Mulford 

Network For Good (The) your giving through Facebook (Anonymous)

Mary O'Malley

Jean Spohn

Alisa Ralph

Stevie VanBronkhorst



KEY GRIPS: $25 to $49

Megan Ahiers

Marilyn Allen

Joanne Brown

Laura Crosby

Jill Doepel

Audrey Herold

John Huddlestun

Patricia McConnehey

Emily Neely

Hilary Okrent-Grilley

Randall Parsons

Olivia Robinson

May Shimbo

Jennifer Torrence

Tony White




John Barber

Traci Buxton

Daniel Santon

Elaine Shepherd

Kelsey Sims

Jandy Stephens

Brandice Tranholt

Mail your donations to: 


P.O. Box 48121

Burien, WA 98148

Or donate on our secured donation page by clicking here!

Donate Today!

BAT receives donations when you purchase from Amazon Smile and select BAT as your charity.

BAT receives donations when you shop at Fred Meyer (Kroger) and register BAT as your charity.

BAT Theatre has also received corporate matching funds from:

The Boeing Company


The Network for Good

The Seattle Foundation

Check with your employer to see if they will match your gif


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